Thursday, July 10

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

round button chicken

We had a low-key, somewhat relaxing Fourth of July here at the Crafty Household. Slow wake up, a nice neighborhood power walk around 11 with the 10 month old, beautiful temps all day long, dinner with family and some fireworks in the backyard!


This was much more time consuming than I expected, but who doesn't love food in fun shapes?!?!

I love walking out the back door to this everyday- I think I did a not too shabby job this year with the planters. Bonus points for my pedicure still looking pretty after 2 weeks!


Mr. Crafty was pretty darn excited to find that the problem he was having with the grill wasn't due to the pop up shower we had the weekend before but to the lack of propane in the tank! HOORAY for an easy fix every now and again.


taking pictures on the lawn and Sophia started doing stunts! Channeling her inner cheerleader maybe?

Pretty sure Luke is teething on Mr. Crafty's shoulder...


I know they're twins. They DO really look alike. BUT SOMETIMES it blows my mind how ALIKE they really look! 

This was shortly after I asked the two of them to keep an eye on Luke for me while I cleaned up the dishes.

I turned around to see this....

They created a barrier around the kid so that he would be entertained, apparently.

So I snapped a picture.

very creative, twins. Very creative.

hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Fourth of July!

Friday, July 4

Luke: 9 month update at 10 months

Got this little iPhone reminder the other day and thought to myself, geesh, I'm a little behind.
So we hurried outside to snap some photos!

The nine month mark has been quite a monumental month for this big guy. He's moving, blabbering, eating and sleeping so much more!

More specifically...
** we sleep-trained Luke last week **
It was a week of highs and lows, mostly highs, but every once in awhile he reverts back to his old ways and screams like a banshee in the middle of the night. It's unnerving to say the least, but mama is a happier mom and by morning he's a happier baby.

** on the move **
rolling, barrel rolling to be exact
and then just a few days before he hit the 10 month mark he started going from a crawling stance (still not crawling- yet- thankfully) to a sitting position!
however with this newfound skill comes a bit of a downer- he has rug burn on his forehead. He seems to be using his forehead to push and move himself around the floor and thus has created this lovely mark.
I tried to use a bandana on his little noggin to help lessen the burn, but it's not working so well...

** what we're eating **

Luke has moved from an all liquid diet to a diet rich in avocado, cheerios and now... carrots! He loves carrots! And yesterday he had sweet potatoes.
Still his favorite is toast with mashed avocado on it.

My goal to not buy any baby food jars is going well. I give him what we have and he plays/tastes/eats whatever that is we are eating.

the way it should be, in my book!

** other firsts **

my dad and I are convinced he perfectly mimicked us when we said "Hi Nonno"
First time in the pool this past week- loved it!
Loves the trick where you pat his mouth while he makes a noise- what is that called??? He loves it
loves cheerios, poster child for cheerios

that's our happy little 9month/10 month old!

Thursday, May 15

The Last 5 Books I've Read

Over the course of the past 4 years or so, I've become reacquainted with an old love of mine... reading.

I've always been a reader but time and circumstance and other hobbies seem to get in the way and cloud my memory from one of my true loves: reading! 

My book club helps keep me on track.
Having books everywhere in our house helps, too. 
Most of all is just that general desire to read and make time for it.
I love escaping into another time and place with fiction but I've always loved non-fiction. My shelves are stacked with reads to encourage, uplift, push me forward, lead me on to bigger and better places.
I don't like to stay put, in more ways than one. 

For my birthday this year, I upgraded my dead-as-a-doornail kindle to the paperwhite (truth be told, Mr. Crafty bought me a Fire and I exchanged it for a paperwhite b/c it was too much kindle for me and I'm a purist.... in the e-reader sense of the kindle world. I wanted to read books and only books and here I've rambled on and on...)

SO, my first Kindle book purchase with my brand new kindle was Jennifer Fulwiler's new release, Something Other Than God
Jen blogs at Conversion Diary
She's a hoot to read and you'll find anything from escapades with scorpions to her conversion from atheism to Catholicism.

Anywho, I read the entire book in 5 days. It was fabulous. I loved it. Funny, serious, thoughtful, hilarious at times, poignant. It was all of that.

And it filled me with hope and left me with that prayer for those I know have yet to find a space for God in their life.

Highly recommend (as do LOTS of other bloggers- check out this cool video snippet)

In addition to Jennifer's book, we read this for book club. It was light, easy, a little fluffy and jus what we ALL NEEDED!
Very "in the now" as it's written in tweets, sort of. I was hooked and wanted to keep reading through to the next chapter to see what would happen between the 2 main characters.

Need something a little lighthearted and fun? Check this out then.

I just finished this Donna Leon book today (I think it was today! Gosh, It's been a long day). 

This is the second in a series of books about a Policeman in Venice. Love all the Italian references and the mystery involved. It's rather out of character for me to read these but I'm enjoying this genre!

I finally got my hands on Rainbow Rowell's newest book, Fangirl. I remember finishing her second book, Eleanor and Park, thinking OH, she has a new book coming out soon! yay!

And then I forgot about it completely until a few weeks ago when I remembered it. 

oh my poor brain and the stuff it has to retain.

All of that to say, I enjoyed this one a lot. I keep going back and thinking of the characters every once in awhile. They can't seem to leave my mind. Do you ever have that where you'll finish a book and then an hour or so later you can't recall so and so's name already and they were a pivotal character in the book?
Rainbow's characters aren't like that at all. You know them, they stick in your head and you find yourself thinking about them a lot. Well, at least I did/do.

Pretty sure those are tell tale signs of a really good author.

Started on a high note and ending on a high note.

So this last book here is a prime example of what is lining my shelves. 

Fr. Jacques Philippe is a very holy man. His books are so very practically minded and not highly philosophical. But I say that with hesitation because they're extremely thought provoking. 

Gabriel saw me carrying this little book around and said "how are you still reading that book? You've had it in your hands or out on a table for MONTHS!"

And yes, that is true because the spiritual insights in this book need to be digested slowly. Like eating a really good piece of chocolate. You have to take a small bite and savor it for awhile.

This may be my absolute favorite book he's ever written. I need to go back and just study the highlights and I didn't highlight much for fear the whole thing would be underlined.

It's just an amazing book that speaks truth on every page.

I highly recommend it. I wish everyone would read it, truly. An amazing little book for your prayer time.

There you have it. A little mystery, a little fluff, some YA and two outstanding books to bolster your faith and encourage you!

Can't wait to see what I'll be reading in the next month!

Luke : 8 months Green Grass edition

Thinking of changing the title of the blog to "All Luke, All the time". Seems apropro, no? Sigh.

A busy mother's quandary: weighing out the worth of making dinner, washing clothes, spending QT with the littles or blogging. Blogging loses every time. Lately, so does making dinner, but that's another subject for another time.

BIG GUY! Holy moly is this guy the cutest 20 pounder I ever did have or what? I'm guessing he's 20 lbs. I wouldn't put it past him for sure.

So we headed outside this month for Luke's monthly photo shoot. He was not so sure about the grass at all. And look, new skill, he's SITTING UP!

And look he still has that crazy weapon on his arm (a few more days as this goes to press), er, cast, I mean.

Lately Luke has been up to....

  • sitting up
  • rolling over and back again
  • whacking anything/anyone with his hammer arm
  • being the cutest baby ever
  • waking up every 4 hours to eat (what?!?!? c'mon LUKE!!)
  • rolling on his side to sleep 
  • still bunking with mum and dad
  • jumping
  • swinging
  • traveling in that bucket seat, still (sooooooo heavy)
  • wearing his hair styled (see below)

 if you put it on the ground... I will find it and get to it, stat! (re-entry into making sure no tiny pieces are on the floor!)

Coming next month....

Where is Luke sleeping now?
Have they started feeding that kid "real" food yet?
Tales from the Teething front?