Saturday, May 12

May Photo a Day ~5.12.12

Photo a day in May 

another photo a day challenge and I'm doing MUCH better with this than my scrapbooking a layout a day. And I know why... a photo takes mere seconds to take and a layout takes, well, many more seconds.
Time is at a premium this month and while I haven't "given up" on my scrapping, I have allowed myself to take it as it comes.  

week 1

1. peace: a baby sleeping is one of the most peaceful things I can think of, especially in THIS house
2. skyline: our view from the Ducky tour last week (I love our city!)
3. something you wore: I pulled this out of my jewelry box to remind me that it's May and I'm trying to pray a decade of the Rosary everyday
4. Fun!: gifts are fun and nesting dolls as measuring cups are even MORE fun (thanks Courtney!)
5. bird: The thought of trying to photograph a bird in my yard was daunting, but I love these little birds that are nestled in my bookcase
6. you: um, yes, that is me at Cabela's and it was tons of fun playing around in the shooting gallery

week 2 

7. someone that inspires you: my family. enough said
8. a smell you adore: my clinique happy, lilac scented (anything) candle, Neutrogena Rainbath= trifecta of heavenly scents
9. something you do everyday: drink tea and check email
10. favorite word: well, a group of words. love this quote and love the word peace
11. kitchen: my kitchen, in the morning
12. something that makes you happy: a tiny stash of chocolates, dark and milk :)

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  1. Hi, Crafty P! I see that you were a winner on the Write. Click. Scrapbook site this week too - congrats! I just wanted to ask if you did anything else besides post on the winners post? I can't find anywhere else to contact them and I really would like to claim the book. Thanks so much for your help!