Wednesday, November 20

Once upon a time... a hobby tale

This blog isn't called the crafty pumpkin for nothing.

While I've certainly been a wee bit busier lately "crafting" people, my love for the creative arts has not waned.

Once upon a time I was a quilter.
It began shortly after Mr. Crafty and I were married. 
It was a hobby on my "bucket list" way before bucket lists were a "thing".

I hadn't sewed a thing since Home Ec in high school and I really wanted to learn. So I chose quilting and decided if I was going to learn this craft, I was going to go BIG and learn how to hand quilt. 

NO MACHINE, people.

I took classes at local quilt shops and ended up making these....

My first sampler blocks.

While I still love the colors and patterns and my mad hand-quilting skillz (and paper piecing and applique) these aren't particularly "my style" anymore and my plans for making this into something practical (a quilt for our Queen sized bed) has changed.

Now I just want to get them sewn together and finished!
These poor blocks have been hidden in my quilt bag for 12 years now!

Hobby gone wrong!

Yes, life got busy and my quilting supplies got tucked further back behind my gazillion other hobbies/projects. 

Still, I do have a desire to finish this project.

Enter Courtney and her little "challenge"/ invitation to join a quilt-along...

It all began here with Courtney giving us her little vision for a virtual quilt group. I'm all for joining groups. I love groups! I love a challenge! I love the IDEA of finishing a project!

Sign me up!

Now if you know any quilters, you'd know that they never, ever, ever have just ONE quilt "in the works".  And while I'd never call myself a "quilter", I joined that multiple-projects-in-the-works club pretty quickly when I saw this...

OH how I LOVE an I SPY book! And now here was an idea to make a quilt out of the idea! 

I jumped on board this idea pretty quickly and got a quick tutorial from a friend's mother-in-law on what to do. 
And now I have 30+ squares that still need to be "squared-up" (I'm pretty sure that's a quilting term, but I'm a bit rusty) and are NOT stitched together but would really really like to be soon!

And while I'm not really digging the chaos of this quilt anymore either (I think I would have gone a more color organized route), it's something that I have done a third of the work for already and would love to see stitched together and quilted for my kids to play on/with in the coming months.

So, that's my little quilting history.

Will I join the club and actually make something with what I have done already?
Will I jump on the more modern quilting bandwagon?
Will Crafty ever complete a project that she has begun?

Only time/energy will tell. I mean, I do have a newborn-ish child still and I'm a visual learner who likes to be walked through the steps.

Stay tuned to see what happens in the coming months!


  1. That's so cool! Piper went fabric shopping with me and she had a blast pointing to all of the animals/things she recognized in the different patterns. She would love a quilt like this! I like the idea of doing it all in a color scheme to make it a bit more subtle…But when you've got half the work done already? you gotta go with that.
    So excited you're participating!

  2. This is such a fun idea for a quilt! You are way ahead of me :) I'm hoping to get my fabrics all settled in the next week or so. Can't wait to see your end result!

  3. Of course you had quilt squares in a bag for 12 years. Because, why not? I look forward to seeing what becomes what! Exciting! I would love to hone a sewing skill, but I am really terrible with measurements and tying knots so I feel like that automatically disqualifies me. And I have no supplies. Not crafty! Keep us posted on your progress!!