Friday, November 22

The Great Sleepover of 2013

One week ago a most miraculous event occurred at the Crafty house.

We had some college friends come into town for a reunion of sorts and a giant sleepover.

It happened so last minute-like, it didn't take months to plan at all. Just a random "who's available for a get together" SOON request via facebook and BAM, we were set with a date and looking forward to hanging out together, at last.

Our college reunion was only a few months ago, but I had just had a baby and Mr. Crafty is always working on Saturdays and most of us girls weren't able to be there.

So there we all are, up top, in all our blurry glory for a our large group selfie!

People, these girls are the best. It's been awhile since all of us have been together. There are other "reunions" from time to time, but this particular group hadn't seen one another in FOR.EV.ER.

Some of us hadn't met one another's children yet! It's been that long.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the kids came, too? 
They did!!!

Susan brought her 3 boys.

Amanda brought her 2 girls.

I, of course, have 6 kids.

Amy brought just one of hers.

And Jill brought one of hers Friday and 3 out of 4 of her kids Saturday.

So.... 5 moms, one dad (Mr. Crafty was working most of the weekend) and about 15 kids give or take depending on the day.
All sleeping, playing and eating in the same blessed house.

It was awesome. I'm not just saying that. I really loved having everyone here and I didn't lose my ever loving OCD-ish at times mind. 

We all fit in the house, got along, ate delicious foods, drank good drinks, enjoyed one another's company and laughed and laughed and laughed.

more blurry goodness!

And our paparazzi!

Trying to persuade this little guy to switch teams.
He was NOT having it!

Once everyone left on Sunday morning, our home was way too quiet. 


What can we say, we love a full house and really enjoyed all of our house guests!

Hoping it doesn't take us another 15 years to repeat this adventure...

Ps. And how could I forget a quick facetime with Linnea and skyping with Mary?!?? Too much fun!!

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  1. The kids taking pics with the iphones...epic. Sounds like it was a great time! What a blessing!